About Us

Leicester Energy Agency

Leicester Energy Agency was formed in February 1996 with funding from the European Commission’s Save II programme. Leicester Energy Agency has continued to run various projects within Leicester city since then. The Agency currently employs five full time staff managing local, regional, national and European projects and hosts the Secretariat for the Association of Local Energy Officers (ALEO) (formerly Carbon Action Network).

Leicester Energy Agency aims to:

  • Assist businesses and organisations in Leicester and Leicestershire to reduce their CO2 emissions
  • Support the growth of local businesses through savings from increased energy efficiency
  • Direct businesses and organisations to further support to increase their energy efficiency and reduce their environmental impacts

For more information and contact details for current staff, please visit Contact Us.

Leicester City Council

Leicester City Council has committed to achieving a 50% reduction in the city’s CO2 emissions by 2025. This will be achieved through a variety of strategies, including reducing emissions from local businesses, homes, transportation and the council’s own operations. Businesses have a big part to play in achieving this goal, as their activities account for 48.3% of Leicester’s total CO2 emissions. Leicester City Council are working with existing businesses to help them reduce their energy use, as well as encouraging local investment in the low carbon economy.

For more information about Leicester City Council and its commitments to cut Leicester’s carbon emissions, please visit the council’s website: Leicester City Council – (External Link).

Contact Us

Email: info@energyagency.co.uk
Phone: 0116 454 2284
More details can be found on the Contact Us page.