SET-UP (Smart Energy Transition to Upgrade regional Performance) is an Interreg Europe funded project looking at the implementation of smart grid technologies in local authorities and regions across Europe. SET-UP aims to use knowledge sharing and collaboration between project partners to facilitate greater understanding of how smart grids can be utilised to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and increase reliability of supply.

Efficiency is at the centre of EU energy policy, and a significant reduction in energy use is required to meet emission reduction targets. Public policy is crucial in creating a framework for implementing smart systems to assist in achieving these targets. SET-UP will investigate a range of local strategies and opportunities, in order to assist all participants to draw up action plans for enabling the smart energy transition.

Stakeholder engagement is vital to this process, so each region will establish a local stakeholder group, to support local activities and the development of action plans. They will also assist in the sharing of knowledge and dissemination of results outside the project.

Leicester Energy Agency’s role in the project is to examine the use of European funding in facilitating the local implementation of smart grids. Leicester Energy Agency will take part in a number of knowledge exchange meetings, as well as setting up a local stakeholder group to meet in the city to share knowledge and produce a local action plan.

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